Ticketing FAQ

What fees are included on the ticket prices?

At the Keloland Box Office, we do include a facility fee. Most of the time, that fee is already built into the advertised price of the ticket. So prices you see listed online are the price you see at the Keloland Box Office.

Online, over the phone, or through an outlet of Ticketmaster, you will see several more fees added on. Generally, there is a Service Fee/Charge and Order Processing Fee, a Resale Service Fee, a Delivery Price, a Facility Charge, and Taxes included. For a specific breakdown of the fees, click here.  


If I purchase tickets online, how do I get them?

There are several options for you to choose when purchasing your tickets through Ticketmaster.com, and they may vary by event. Options include:
Print-at-Home will email you an electronic version of your ticket that you can print at home.
US Mail will allow Ticketmaster to print physical tickets for you, and ship them to your home. Please note that this option will include an additional delivery fee, and takes 10-14 days.
Credit Card Entry will allow you to use your credit card as your ticket, and will not give you a physical ticket. Read more on this option below.
Will Call will allow you to pick up your tickets at the Keloland Box Office. You will be asked to present the card you purchased your tickets with along with a photo ID.
Retail Outlet Pickup will allow you to go to any Ticketmaster outlet (in Sioux Falls, this includes Lewis Drug stores) to pick up your tickets. You will be asked to present the card you purchased your tickets with along with a photo ID.
UPS will allow you choose a 2-day, 3-day, or Saturday delivery (US only).


How does Credit Card Entry / Paperless Ticketing work?

In this process, the card you used to buy your tickets is your ticket. When you attend an event, you will be asked to present your card and a photo ID at the entrance. Your card will be swiped, and a seat locator slip is printed for you to keep as a physical ‘ticket’. All members of your party must be present to enter at the same time. If you bought the tickets for someone else, you must be present to swipe the card and then the others can enter. For extended information on Credit Card Entry tickets, click here.


What happens if I have Credit Card Entry, but no longer have my card?

If your card expires before the show, you can still bring in the old card or the new card with the same account number to swipe. If you lost your card or closed your previous account, please contact the Keloland Box Office in advance to set up other options at 605-367-8460.


Why do you have Credit Card Entry as an option?

Some tickets will only be available as Credit Card Entry – this is usually a choice set by the artist, team, and/or venue. CCE is used to lower the number of tickets on third-party resell sites, and guarantee that the true fans are able to purchase the best seats.


Can I transfer my tickets to another person?

In some cases, yes. Ticketmaster Ticket Transfer offers the ability to transfer tickets that have been purchased through Ticketmaster. For more information about transferring your tickets, click here. If you need additional help, call the Keloland Box Office at 605-367-8460.


Can I return my tickets?

All ticket purchases through our Keloland Box Office and Ticketmaster are final, and refunds are not generally allowed. In some cases, you are able to refund your tickets within 72 hours by calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-653-8000. In other cases, Ticketmaster will allow you to sell back your tickets through their resell site for the same price you paid. Learn how by clicking here.


I lost / destroyed my tickets. What do I do?

We can often reprint or reissue your tickets at the Box Office or the point-of-purchase. If you lost your print-at-home tickets, you can reprint them – however, if you believe they have been stolen, please contact us so we can replace your tickets with a new bar code and block the previous ones. Call or visit the Keloland Box Office as soon as you know you have misplaced the tickets at 605-367-8460.


If an event is cancelled or rescheduled, how do I get my money back?

If an event is cancelled, you will be issued a refund at the point-of-purchase.
If you purchased your tickets online through Ticketmaster, you will be issued an automatic refund.
If you purchased your tickets through the Keloland Box Office, you must return there with your tickets and your original card for the refund. If you paid in cash, you must turn in your tickets for a cash refund.
If you purchased your tickets at a retail outlet, you must return to that outlet with your tickets for the refund.


What rules apply to reselling tickets?

In the state of South Dakota, there are no laws forbidding the resell of tickets. As a Ticketmaster venue, we only support the resell of your tickets through our trusted site of Ticketmaster.com. All third-party sites are not supported by the venue, and we are unable to handle any issues with tickets purchased through those sites.


What is a presale, and how does it work?

Presales are often offered through an artist, sponsor group, venues, and/or radio groups to allow subscribers to purchase tickets before the general on sale. You can sign up for our venue newsletter by clicking here. To sign up for an artist’s fan club, visit their specific website for instruction.


Why do some events have ticket limits?

In most cases, the artist and/or venue imposes a ticket limit per customer for presale and onsales to ensure ticket access to as many fans as possible. It will vary depending on the event, and is listed in your presale notification email or on the venue event page.


What are some tips or tricks to buying tickets?

- When buying online, create a Ticketmaster account to speed up your purchasing process.
- During onsales, always search for Best Available instead of trying to specifically choose your seats.
- Only use one browser, and don’t refresh your screen more than every 2-3 seconds. If you do, Ticketmaster may think you are an automated ticket-buying program and lock you out.
- Use multiple electronic devices if you have a computer, tablet, and smart phone.
- Show up early to the Keloland Box Office to wait in line.
- Keep checking! Ticket purchases are timed, so when someone declines their tickets online, they are thrown back into the pool for everyone. Even if tickets seem to be gone immediately, there may be more several minutes later.
- Sign up for presales and/or fan clubs to get access to tickets early.
- More tips can be found by clicking here.


What does ‘limited availability’ or ‘no tickets currently available’ mean?

These messages inform you if tickets are close to selling out for a price section or event. Please also note that tickets are not available online several hours before an event, and all tickets are then sold in person through the Keloland Box Office. It does not always mean that the event is sold out. You can always call to find out for sure at 605-367-8460.


My questions isn’t answered here, where can I find out more?

You can get a full list of FAQs through Ticketmaster by clicking here. You can also call the Keloland Box Office at 605-367-8460.