Concerts Not the Only Success at Denny Sanford PREMIER Center


Since the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center opened last year in Sioux Falls, much of the talk has focused on bigger concert events.

But there are other public events that will benefit from the new PREMIER Center… and in turn, will benefit the city of Sioux Falls.

This week’s Sioux Falls Farm Show is a perfect example of the benefits in store for trade shows, conventions, and other similar events. Year after year, the Farm show has used the Convention Center and Arena to showcase farm and agriculture related products and information.

This year, the show expanded into the PREMIER Center thanks to the additional floor space and a favorable booking schedule. As a result, the Farm Show was able to bring in more vendors and increase attendance, making this a record year.

“This is the first example of leveraging and maximizing the complex as a complete asset,” says Stu Webber, Director of Sales for the Convention Center. “This is great for other event expansion which helps grow and attract additional events for the community.”

The complex is now able to offer traditional Convention Center-type events in the PREMIER Center, as well as piggy back off PREMIER Center events in the Convention Center such as holiday parties during Cirque du Soleil this past December.

The additional flat floor space created by the construction of the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center also makes it possible to attract other events, such as the Division I women’s basketball tournament which will utilize all three facilities in the complex.

“In the end, it means the potential for more bookings, and results in more people visiting Sioux Falls and spending money in stores, restaurants, and hotels,” Webber says,